Us at Our Best!

Let us learn through the multiple modes of expression!

We have been working very productively at our best, to explore how we can operate effectively as a 3/4 Learning Neighbourhood. We are currently exploring the following provocations collaboratively throughout each neighborhood:

Art Studio : 

  • Little Jars of Sunshine – Create a heart felt message that will brighten up someone’s day!
  • Our Wondering – Wonder how can you achieve your best? Wonder how at your best looks, feels and sounds like?
  • Community building bricks – Using a rectangular prism as a brick, express your perspective of how we can achieve our best as a community.

New Provocation commencing next week: TRASH to TREASURE Artworks   – Check out some inspiration online! Do you know of any artists that use recycled materials as art?


Learning Commons / Construction Area: 

  • Melbourne Wonders: Explore 5 leading questions about the 2D and 3D properties of buildings around Melbourne. Who were the architects that designed these buildings?
  • Constructing 3D solids using various construction materials.
  • Plastic Oceans Provocation
  • World TRASH online tracker!
  • Chinese Zodiac Provocation

Maths Daily 3 Provocations: One of the biggest hits has been our $100 budget shopping list!



Students have been taking their learning deeper to concepts such as :

  • Creating whole school awareness around littering – surveying how many students have nude food in their lunchboxes.
  • Investigating cause and effect of littering in ocean habitats.
  • Our expectations of the environment vs the reality