We’re Not Rubbish!

During this term students have been investigating the rubbish problem at PHPS.  Our Science workshops focused on how science helps people to understand the effects of their actions, and working toward planning and conducting scientific investigations to find answers to questions.

Below are some of the findings and observations from the students!

10:19am Rubbish around Art Room
Discussion about Rubbish Data
10:30am Rubbish from oval









From our investigation so far we have identified that most of the rubbish is actually plastic. For example 34S collected 84 pieces of plastic rubbish from between the Art Room and the 56 Neighbourhood (the restricted area).

We found that rubbish all around the school included plastic, food scraps, metal, aluminium foil, paper and cardboard. We also found classroom materials including scissors, pencils, lego pieces!

We feel strongly that parents need to know not to pack as much possible rubbish in our lunchboxes.

Next term we plan to write a letter home about the school’s ‘nude food’ policy. We also want to collect regular data to make a line graph about rubbish in the school over time.

Etienne’s Rubbish Analysis