Museum Visit Monday – Action Required

We are very excited about our museum visit on Monday. All children will make their way by bus to the Museum at 9.30am where we are looking forward to being researchers for the day and exploring what change is and how it happens.

Children need to bring a bag with lunch, water and a snack. We will leave from school at 9.30am and return by 2.30pm

On Friday we had a workshop to talk about how different artefacts can help tell a story of the past and make a list of questions we want to explore at the museum.

  • What do artefacts tell us about change?
  • What has changed?
  • What is different and the same about artefacts?
  • How old are the artefacts?
  • Who used the artefacts?
  • How is the artefact used?
  • What is change?
  • Why does change happen?
  • how are things different?
  • How have the same things changed over time?
  • Is the artefact still used and if not why not?

We have some parent helpers but there is still more room if you would like to come along.