Hooray! Camp is here!

We are all super excited about the adventures we are about to have on camp! Giant swings, flying foxes, rope courses, rock pool explorations and much more.

All students will receive their camp booklets tomorrow. Students  can take them home to share with you before they go on camp. Camp booklets must be brought back to school on Wednesday please.  Below is a schedule of how we would like to organise our Wednesday morning before boarding the buses to camp. Please Read:

Wednesday 7th of September, 2016     

08:40 – 09:00: Neighbourhoods  open early. All students to take their bags into the correct BUS GROUP LOCATION:

BUS 1: Meet in the 3/4 Neighbourhood 2 Performance Space

BUS 2: Meet in the 3/4 Neighbourhood 1 Performance Space

BUS 3: Meet in the Media Room

Everyone with medication must see Keith in the Media Room. All medications must be clearly labelled with student name and home group.

This would be the perfect opportunity to visit the drinking taps and the toilets! 

09:00 – 09:05: Rolls are marked as normal in home groups

09:05 – 09:10: Students must go to their bus group location and sit with their bags. 

09:10: Bus rolls are marked.


09:15 – All students to carry their bags to the bus and board for camp.

09:20 – Staff to help bus drivers put bags on the bus, final head count.

The bus Groups will be in the next post!

3/4 Team