Daily shared reading in the Neighbourhood

It is a part of our daily routine in the Prep neighbourhood to have a shared reading experience with a Big Book. The key strategies for reading that we emphasise when reading these books are:

  1. Getting knowledge ready
  2. Making predictions from the front cover. What do you think will happen? Are there any clues about the story in the title or illustration?
  3. Using illustrations in the text to support predictions
  4. Identifying the pattern in the text
  5. Using the initial sound, along with the illustration to predict unknown words

Each home group reads one big book for the week, then we swap books on the following Monday.

Three Little Ducks


  • Blending two sounds together at the beginning of a word – three crack
  • Double letters – peep sleep gobble waddle
  • Blending two sounds together at the end of words – quack, duck, paddle little

three little ducks

Sing a song


  • Onset and rime: ‘ing’ (sing, ring, sting, wing, king)
  • Rhyming words – ‘ong’
  • ‘S’ words
  • Blends ‘st’ ‘br’

sing a song

Grandpa, Grandpa


  • Blending two sounds together at the beginning of a word – Grandpa, Grandpa
  • Finding words inside of words – Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa
  • Onset and rime: an (can, tan, man, ban, pan) and (sand, hand, band, bland, strand)
  • Touch your nose when you hear…