Darren James – Photographer – Artist in Residence

What is the story behind the picture?

Darren asked the children to take a photograph of something in nature they were curious about. We brainstormed some ideas with the children. Among their suggestions were photos of  insects, leaves, clouds, trees, or water. Darren suggested using mum or dad’s phone to take their photograph. The children posted their work on Seesaw and we discussed ‘What is the story behind the picture?”

“This is my cat and my sister put a really nice rose coloured blanket over her and she really did not like it.  I took the photo of my cats because I love them so much.“ Flynn 

“I’ve got a little worm bucket where I put food scraps and the worms eat them. I got a handful of dirt and my dad put some worms on it. I felt tickly” Lola Ward

  “I took the photo because I moved into the my new house in winter and I was a bit nervous because there were leaves.  I took the photo because there were flowers and I felt happy“ Mira

“I was wondering what rabbits would eat.  My mum said they couldn’t eat iceberg lettuce.  I was wondering what he could eat because the things I thought he could eat he couldn’t.”  Owen



“That plant is actually my dad’s, it’s an avocado plant and it’s my favourite.“ Vivi

“I wanted to put the dragon in the middle just for fun.  Just before my brother’s birthday I wanted to buy my brother a present and it was going to cost me $15. I didn’t want to waste my money, so I planted these plants to give them to my brother.“  Alexander L

“I was wondering why there is a building there.  This is story in my picture, you can’t normally take a picture of fog but if you are in an apartment you can take a picture of fog and fog is part of nature.“ Alexander S


“I was looking in my room and I found a spider. I was look for the spider web and I found one outside and I was wondering whether that was the spiderweb for the spider “  Annie

“I like how the vines and leaves look and I like that plant.“ Coco

“When I first arrived in my new house in May there was only the mandarin tree. Me and my family noticed that leaves began to grow and in spring the flowers started to pop.“ Esme

“When we were looking for things to take photos of, my daddy found a snail and I was taking photos of something else.  He asked me to bring the iPad over and to take a photo.“ Esme


“The story is, I really like the flower, it’s a passion fruit flower, the flower is delicate and complex. The main reason I picked this photo is because it only started flowering a week ago.  Yesterday there were three flowers out.  I was surprised that the plant had flowered so early because usually passion-fruit don’t start growing for two years and this is a one year old tree.“ Huon

“It’s a spring onion flower.” Williem

The children’s wonderings about Williem’s picture.

“I think it’s one of Williem’s favourite flowers’ ‘. Elodie

“I thought it was a dandelion.”  Emma

“I thought it was a flower that grabs insects to grow themselves and have energy.” Kiko

“He likes onions.” Maddy

“I liked the caterpillars because they are really small but they are really beautiful when they become butterflies” Maggie

“I took the moth picture because it looked  beautiful on the tree and it had a pattern.  It disguises itself so predators could not get it.” Maggie