Week 5 Maths Board Games!

This week the year ones have been making fantastic Maths Board Games. The children have been working so hard to create the most amazing themed Maths Board Games.  We broke down the process of making a board game into small steps.  Each day the children were asked to complete a small section of their Maths board game process.

Day 1 – Draw a draft and name your Maths Board Game.  We asked the children to show their range of Mathematical knowledge and in particularly their Addition and Subtraction skills (of course some children wanted to use all the operations).

Day 2 – Make a good copy of your Maths Board Game.

Day 3 – Write up the rules of your Maths Board Game.

Day 4 – Collect or make any pieces or cards necessary for your Maths Board Game.

Day 5 – Test out your Maths Board Game with members of your family.  Change anything that isn’t quite right.

When we get back to school, we want the children to bring their Maths Board Game to school, so that we can all share and play them together.

We are so proud of all the children’s results.