Changes in the City

This week we continued to explore change and how places change over time. These changes can be physical (human-made or natural), cultural (language, music and art), or social (social norms and values).

Students from 3/4 reflected on how places are connected through the landscape and common features and how these impact the identity of people from that place.

Lyla created artwork about Melbourne and Manila, it is drawn by connecting these two cities by the river. A feature both cities have that have seen changes and development over time.

“My artwork shows the difference between Melbourne and Manila. The main difference is the business and Melbourne has some special things like hot air balloons and the Big Star. I think people in Melbourne and Manila are connected because they have a river in their city and this means they might do many of the same things like ride on boats.”


Olivia created an image of Uluru and thought about the changes over time. Some things so change but many things, like important places, stay the same for thousands of years. 

Jessica showed her learning by creating a timelapse. She wrote an imaginative story about an abandoned house and how it got wrecked over time, there are even some resident zombies causing havoc! 

It was great to see very creative responses to our provocations this week, as a community we are all still getting used to how to better present our ideas in learning in the digital space, and we are looking forward to exploring these ideas more deeply next week.