2019 – What a year!

2019 – What a year!

We asked some year 4’s to reflect on our year and give us some highlights. Mila, Paisley, Magnus and Raf L. sat down and reflected on some of our highlights. 


This year the specialist teachers were Anne-Marie, Maddy, Deb, and lots of different art teachers. We in the ¾ neighbourhoods have enjoyed our specialists. We are very excited to work with our specialist teachers next year. Hannah was our art teacher but got very sick and we hope to see her next year and to see her feel better. We have loved Art, Italian, P.E. and Music. We are so thankful for all they have done for us, we love them all and enjoy learning with them.

Athletics Carnival

This year the 3⁄4’s went to the athletics carnival. We celebrated lots of athletic achievements. We competed in the 100 meters run, long jump, shot put, discus, and there were optional events like 150-meter run and lots of others. The 3⁄4’s would like to thank all the parent helpers who joined as at the athletics carnival and a big thank you to Maddy for making the athletics carnival possible. We had people who got into district, division, regionals, and even state (go Anisa!). 


This year we have learned lots of things fun and challenging. At the start of the year, we looked at collections and that sparked in wonder and what we wonder about, Then came to change we looked at what changes and what stays the same. Our latest project was on how to improve the school in many different ways. We worked very hard on our change projects and everyone made a small or big change. We have worked on lots of different things in projects and provocations. Our learning this year has been very successful. Thanks to all the teachers for teaching us this year in 2019. 


This year the year ¾ neighbourhood each person in year ¾ neighbourhood got paired up with a buddy for 2020. Each year 3 got paired up with a year 2 to show them around the neighbourhood and make them feel welcome. If you’re in year 4 you get paired up with another year 4. After each year 4 is paired up that pair gets paired up with a prep to welcome them to PHPS. in 2020 the future year fives can play with their prep buddies at lunch and recess. If the prep buddy feels scared or frightened the prep can meet the big buddy at a special meeting place.


This year the 3s and 4s went on a camp called Cave Hill Creek. The food was great and so was the activities. It took us 2 hours to get to camp but it was all worth it.  It was really special and everyone enjoyed it. At camp, we went canoeing in a freezing cold lake. We also climbed a giant ladder that was all about teamwork. There was also a really fun treasure map where we all had to find these letters and numbers, we had to put all the letters together to make 2 sentences. At camp, we had beautiful dishes for lunch and dinner. We had meals like salad and veggie burgers. We also climbed this massive hill were at the top we did abseil.


This year the year 3s and 4s participated in a swimming carnival. Although the year 3s didn’t have to do it if they didn’t want to. Everyone had lots of fun and the Red House Won. There was an option to do butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and we will see you all in 2020.