Learning in the Year 1 Neighbourhood

The children have been honing their singing and musical skills with the wonderful Deb.  Together, they have been creating a “boom-whacker” orchestra – a fun, engaging way for them to develop their ability to work in a big group. Through this process, the children have been learning about the importance of the “warm-up” and how to tune in to others and follow a beat in order to create a rhythm.



Coach Approach is back! This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to practice a range of sports skills including throwing and catching, communicating through movements (not words!) and the importance of team work. Coach Approach happens on Thursday mornings and there are two more weeks left.



OUTSIDE VISITORS – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)

The children have been investigating the story of plastic and the impact it has on sea creatures. To build on and deepen their knowledge, we invited Louisa Marston from DELWP to come in and speak to the children about plastic. Her focus is how to reduce, re-use and recycle plastic. She shared her passion for animals which began when she was seven years old! As she explained, she took this passion and studied to become an environmental scientist in order to help animals. The children had lots of questions about her job and Louise was incredibly impressed by the audit children had done on the plastic in their own lunch-boxes, commenting she has never seen that before in a school visit. Louisa was delighted by the children’s ability to engage in such an important conversation where they expressed their deep understanding of the issues, problems and solutions around the topic of plastic and the environment.