Yarra Council Game of Loans

Franzi, one of the outstanding readers/members/students in Year 2 has strongly recommended that everyone in Year 2 participate in this year’s Game of Loans. Tristan, Karl and Lachlan bravely competed last year, but unfortunately came away empty handed. They will be reattempting this year with high hopes and strong hearts.

Words from Year 2:

Tristan said that it made him feel excited when he was reading the books and he wanted to read more. Last year it made Karl want to get better at reading.  Lachlan will get back to us at some time in the future with a comment.

The game is back! Battle it out against the other City of Yarra Houses and read throughout summer for your chance to win great prizes!

Pledge your allegiance to one of the five Houses and register a free Beanstack account to get started.

The Elves of The North won last year – will they be dethroned in this year’s challenge?

Parents/carers can also download the Beanstack Tracker app to keep track of their child’s reading and help them unlock badges for their Beanstack profile.

Starting Sunday 1 December, collect a Quest Map at any Yarra Libraries branch to start earning points and unlock badges for your Beanstack profile, or jump straight in and starting logging what you read.

Participate in our School Holiday Program (from January 2019) to earn more points for your House and visit the library for bonus points and challenges over summer.

The Game starts Sunday 1 December 2019 and concludes on Friday 31 January 2020.

Registrations are now open.