Documentation Sharing Evening

A big huge thank you to the Prep Neighborhood Community for the wonderful attendance out our recent Documentation Sharing evening. This was a wonderful opportunity for the parents and carers to experience first hand the philosophy of the school and the integral part the pedagogy of documentation plays. Some excellent possibilities, ideas and wonderings were explored for our courtyard space. We are now in the process of creating project groups to begin the construction and transformation of our space. Stay tuned.

Something like a veggie patch but with Indigenous plants. I’d like to see something more about Aboriginal culture.  Steph

Thinking of the idea of the bridge or path is interesting. The behaviour of people impacts the design.  Beth

Maddy is really into stories so maybe its a few sentences on the artefacts that joins them together. Maria

The idea of storylines and ways to connect to places of meaning with stories that resonate with the kids and the idea that this is what the Indigenous people have done for hundreds of years. Scott

I love the idea of the children thinking about the children next year and that they can leave a legacy. Jaime

Documentation Sharing Evening