A Visit to Ceres

On Monday 26th August the Constructing Place group went on an excursion to Ceres.

We took a bus ride to Ceres.

When we got there Ravi’s mum arrived and then we did our Acknowledgement of Country. We talked about how old Ceres is and it use to be just junkyard. Then a group of people came and made Ceres. We looked at the rubbish mural and talked about how Ceres using recycled materials.

We went for a walk and looked around and we started to document what we saw. We walked past some chickens, some people stopped and had a good look. We went to a house where the roof was made of old tin cans.

We then got to feed the chickens and look inside a beehive. We learnt that bees help flowers and other plants grow by pollinating them they also make honey. We also learnt we need more bees to help keep the environment healthy. We discovered that the biggest bee is the Queen bee and this bee lays all the eggs.

On the way to get a snack, we stopped and looked closely at some flowers that we might like for the courtyard.

Then we went over to the a stage to start documenting our ideas for the courtyard. Some of our ideas were:

The Automatic water pump – Oscar

The Sprinkler systems with robot – Ben & Ravi

A water pump with batteries in it – Flynn

Lavender and sunflowers – Huon

Coloured rock picture – Maddy

Words & Idea by Preps Typed by Jess