Ciao a tutti!

Ciao a tutti! We are having a wonderful time exploring Italia during our weekly Italian sessions. Here is an update of the learning that has been happening:

Preps and year 1: the prep and year 1 students have explored the shape of Italia, its flag, some of its most iconic cities, landmarks and foods. They are learning to express likes and dislikes: eg mi piace la pizza/non mi piace la pizza. 

Year 2: the year 2 students have enjoyed embarking on a project to explore a facet of Italian life/culture/history: for example, writing a play about Muzzy’s adventures in Italia, creating a pizzeria complete with menu and pricing, designing and labelling Roman mythical creatures, making a board game, designing and building a Colosseo.

Years 3-6: students in the 3/4 and 5/6 neighbourhoods are discovering the cultural and historical riches of Italia through investigations of calcio (soccer), moda (fashion), maschere (masks), cibo (food), storia (history) and geografia (geography). We will share our discoveries through film, board games, posters, role plays or models to enhance everyone’s understanding and appreciation of Italia and to further expand our knowledge of the Italian language!

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