Reigniting Construction

As teachers we recognise the importance of constant reflection and dialogue to deepen both individual and group understandings. As we enter the second half of the year we have reflected on our inquiry journey together as a neighbourhood to further our collective understanding of construction. To begin our term the teachers invited the children to share in the design of our learning spaces and to consider the materials and opportunities that would best support their further exploration of the concept of construction.

The teachers have noticed that the children have shown particular interest in three strands of construction. These relating to the construction of place, knowledge and kindness. 

Moving forward we are planning to group children, based on their interests and our observations into project groups to further explore these strands. We will continue to reignite children’s curiosities around construction during provocation times, through ongoing dialogue and through experiences beyond the school environment.

A note of appreciation

We recognise the importance of creating a community of learners encompassing children, families and teachers working together. With this in mind we would like to thank the parents (and grandparents) who have volunteered their time throughout the year and to all families for contributing to the construction of the prep neighbourhood community.