Inquiry Re-Launch – Nature Environments! (Week 2)

Today, we re-launched our inquiry into stories and story-telling by setting up each of the learning spaces to create a specific NATURE ENVIRONMENT!

In the Art Space, we created a DESERT!

In the Learning Commons, we created the OCEAN!

And in the Performance Space, we created the RAINFOREST and UNDERGROUND!

We filled the spaces full of fascinating objects relating to these specific environments in order to provoke the students imagination. Today, the students began exploring the different provocations and responded to specific prompts that we provided for them.

This was a springboard for us to explore storytelling more deeply and understand why we tell stories through a focus of nature. It is also a way of learning how stories inform us on a daily basis, include important messages to share with our community and are passed down through generations.

We have provided some resources for the students to use and create their projects. The students have expressed they would like to use resources from their own home, therefore we would be grateful if you could support your child/ren with any other resources that may be necessary to their learning.

We appreciate your fantastic support!

Year 1 Team