Italiano: marzo


Ciao a tutti! We are more than halfway into term one now…..our prep students are delighting in their new language skills, eagerly greeting me with a friendly ciao or buongiorno! They have learnt to count to 10 (dieci) and are now learning to identify colours in Italian. The year ones and twos have been expanding their vocabulary of adjectives and emotions. They are greatly enjoying viewing Muzzy and learning through interactions with the video text, associated language games and other experiences. Some favourite adjectives include: intelligente, coraggioso, bella, forte, creativo, sportivo and grande. Students in years 3-6 have learnt to use Italian to ask permission: posso avere? (may I have?) posso andare? (may I go?), posso usare? (may I use?) and to seek assistance: come si dice? (how do you say?) and come si scrive? (how do you write?). Currently they are expanding their knowledge of body parts to be able to express feelings and states of health (eg ho mal di testa, (I have a headache) and ho mal di pancia (I have a stomach ache). Languages Online and Kahoot remain firm favourites with these students as they assess their skills and challenge themselves to go further with their learning.

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