Day One of Camp Manyung

We have arrived safely at Camp Manyung and are having a wonderful time. The bus ride was fairly short and we were all very eager to arrive at the camp. There was so much anticipation when we drove into the camp we were all nearly ready to burst!

First we got to know where we would be sleeping and some of the features of the camp. In the rooms we have bunk beds and single beds and a bathroom. Some children are sleeping the Regatta house and some are in the Cottages but they are all really close to each other.

After lunch we played some games and started of on our first two activities. Some of us cooked damper on the camp fire while others played a treasure hunt using UHF radios. You had to radio back to base when you knew the answer to one of the questions. It was lots of fun!


We got to have some free time where we played tennis, basketball and read some books. We also played this really fun game called GaGa.

For dinner we had spaghetti bolognese and apple pie for dessert. It was really good! Some of us had to stay back to help clean up and got to use the super fast dishwasher.


After dinner we went for a night walk where we saw a possums, spiders and bugs. You could hear the insects in the distance and see Mars and Venus clearly in the night sky.

We are resting our tired legs now ready for another fun filled day tomorrow.