Final Camp Manyung Message!

Good afternoon!

This is just a small last message for last reminders about the upcoming 3/4 camp!

The students today found out their activity groups, bus groups and morning schedules. Please make sure you talk with your child about which group they are in and what their roles are when they arrive at school on Monday. If they don’t know or forgot, the groups will be available on display the morning we leave again.

The 3/4 doors will open at 8:45am (5 minutes earlier) so the students can come in and place their luggage in their bus areas. The bus areas are:

Bus 1: Media Space

Bus 2: Neighbourhood 2 Perf Space

Bus 3: Neighbourhood 1 Perf Space

There will be signs on all windows of the neighbourhoods so it would be a good idea to arrive early and familiarize yourselves with where you need to be.

Jared will be sitting in the Red Carpeted area in Neighbourhood 2 for any medication that needs to be collected. Please ensure the medication is in a sealed container and has clear instructions and dosages.

We are very much looking forward to the camp! So get packing and we’ll see you all Monday morning!

3/4 Team