Notizie italiane

Ciao a tutti! In the Prep-2 neighbourhoods students are creating valige (suitcases), packing items (labelled in Italian) and learning to use some very simple singular/plural forms of nouns. We have enjoyed reading Mr Chicken arriva a Roma and Olivia goes to Venice, viewing video texts and playing a variety of language games to reinforce the use of language.

Students in the 3/4 neighbourhoods are exploring pizza culture in Italy, learning to name the ingredients of pizza, to recognise and use singular/plural forms of relevant nouns and to distinguish between Roman and Neapolitan pizza styles. Students have been learning to express preferences and to order foods in Italian. Playing language games (Kahoot, Pacman and Angoli ) has consolidated language acquisition as students interact and work together, often in the target language.

Students in the 5/6 neighbourhoods are working in small groups to research an aspect of Italian life and culture. We have students creating a version of Monopoly set in Italy, a group creating their own fashion label and catwalk show, whilst others are building a model of the Colosseum. Students are expressing voice and agency in negotiating their investigations, selecting the way in which they’d like to express their learning and working with the teacher to identify ways in which they can extend their language acquisition.

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