Viva Italia!


Ciao a tutti! Students across the school will be ‘travelling’ to Italia, via picture story books, videos, songs, rhymes and games. Students in prep to year 2 will explore the delightful picture story book, Mr Chicken arriva a Roma by Leigh Hobbs, discovering many important sites and encountering useful communicative language. They will also view and respond to a variety of videos, showcasing Italy from a child’s point of view. Students will have the opportunity to display their learning through drawing, writing, creating comics and simple stories, role plays and construction.

Students in years 3-6 will encounter Italy through a variety of video texts, picture books, maps and vintage posters and traditional and contemporary dance and music. They will explore this beautiful country from a variety of perspectives and select an area of interest to further investigate. Students will choose to work individually or in a group to research a facet of Italian life/culture and will also choose from a menu of possibilities for expressing and sharing their findings.

All students will be encouraged to note the impact Italian life, culture and language has had on our way of life here in Melbourne and to see that a culture is a living, evolving phenomenon.

Buon viaggio a tutti!

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