Learning Focus: Week 8

Learning Focus Week 8

In just one week we will be heading to Valley Homestead for our 5/6 camp. In the meantime, there is a lot of wonderful learning taking place in the Neighbourhood. Here are some of the highlights:

Inquiry/ English

Information Text Presentations
Now that our students have written information texts on the various local, state and global issues they researched, they have begun working on presentations to share their findings with the Neighbourhood. Ask you child to tell you about their chosen issue. We have a lot of experts on a wide range of issues!

Art Provocations

We have a range of new art provocations this week, including creating an artistic representation of one or more of the issues we have been researching.


Our focus in maths this week is on mastering subtraction and designing surveys about camp. In week 10, we will graph and interpret the results of these surveys to create mathematical depictions of the camp.


Using manipulatives to understand subtraction

Juicy Maths
Our intrepid juicy mathematicians are forging forward with the Australian Mathematics Trust Enrichment challenge. Last week we had a very welcome visit from Harvey, one of the original 2016 juicy mathematicians.

Harvey explaining the fine points of the distributive law to Iggy