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Creating a motif or design

Week 2 and 3

Creating a motif…

“If you peek inside a sketchbook of a designer, you can see the birth of their ideas”

This week, we have a range of natural materials on display that we are drawing, carefully examining the details of the objects.

Through careful observation of these natural objects, students began to think about what they might be interested in for their design. This week students began to develop their ideas and used their visual research for the development of a motif or series of motifs.

Drawing is a powerful tool for understanding the principles of abstraction from nature as well as the imaginative development of fantastical plant forms.’

Students chose an object from the still life array and drew it in detail. They created a range of drawings of flowers, plants, leaves and fruit from direct observation of the subject.


Week 4

Collaging our motif…

This week we worked on simplifying our motif and design for the stamp by creating a collage of the design. This helped us to visualise the making of the stamp. We worked out how many stamps we would need to realise the design. Some students changed their ideas about the motif they wanted to use to wear or live as a work of art, others modified or developed their designs.

We found the process of imagining what it was to cut the shapes and elements of our design out of paper, helped us to imagine how our printing stamp would look and work.

The following photographs map the stages of our design work, from drawing to collage…

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