Visual Art Week 5

This week students have worked very hard to complete their self-portraits, inspired by the technical and aesthetic skill exhibited by Yayoi Kusama in her work. We explored the patterns created by her use of the dot motif. Students used filters as brushes and thick poster paint to explore the dot mark making.


Students explored the variety of ways that patterns could be created by the careful and considered placement of dots and through the thoughtful use of colour. They examined the space between dots, and realised that when they placed the dots close together or far apart, different effects and patterns were produced in their work.

Students also explored a range of approaches to the idea of the self-portrait and some chose to represent themselves based on how they felt inside. Some interesting images were created….

Next week we will continue to deepen our knowledge of the technical aspects of Yayoi Kusama’s work. We will examine the genre of still life and add to our repertoire of skills by exploring the net patterns that are so characteristic of Kusama’s work.

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