Notizie Italiane

Ciao a tutti! Here is an update on what’s happening in Italian around the school:

Prep: students are exploring the colori, through viewing, singing, playing language games, drawing and labelling. We are starting to explore some very simple sentences such as il sole e` giallo, il mare e` blu, il fiore e` rosso. They are developing confidence in the use of greetings and are also learning to express some simple feelings through the song: ciao buongiorno

Years 1/2: Thus far students in these neighbourhoods have enjoyed reacquainting themselves with ways of expressing feelings in Italian, designing T-shirts, little characters that depict emotions, and making and playing tombola games. Students have also explored the notion of masculine and feminine through the use of these adjectives: io sono stanca/io sono stanco, noting that the adjective ending changes according to the gender of the subject.

Years 3-6: We have reconnected with the Italian language through familiar games and routines, playing Kahoot quizzes, viewing youtube tutorials by native speakers on how to express feelings in Italian and how to use survival language. Students are now working collaboratively to develop conversations in the target language, which they may choose to express through a role play, short film or comic strip. Students in the 5/6 neighbourhood are also learning how to provide reasons for their feelings. For example, io sto bene perche` mi piace la scuola ( I feel good because I like school)

To practise ways of responding to the question Come stai? you can follow this link:

Coro dei bambini: our Coro has been meeting each Tuesday at lunchtime. It has been wonderful to welcome so many new members who are enthusiastically embracing the language through song. Thus far we have been revisiting some of our old favourites: Ehi Cumpari/Sara` perche` ti amo/Bella stella and Ciao buongiorno. You can find the first two songs with their lyrics on Youtube:

Ehi cumpari!

Sara` perche` ti amo


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