Week Three Recap

Week three has been an amazing week packed full of learning, exploring and swimming!

Living our Values

Lola – This week I’ve been working on my “All About Me”, I thought about what I love to do.

Flynn – Today I was making a swimming poster I made it have a spaceship that represents red house.

Arlo – I’ve been doing my “All About Me”, I talked to my mum to get suggestions.

Poppy – I’ve been working on a film with Ava, Kitty, Lola and Frankie and the main focus has been our value, One Community.

Asha – I’ve been working on my book review and I liked the format I used because it helped me fit everything in.

Exploring Numbers

This week we kicked off our exploration into larger numbers, using our construction area to build huge buildings and then calculate and record the value in MAB place value blocks we used in total. We had to count in thousands, hundreds and tens!

We also explored different ways to represent numbers drawing on our different ways of thinking.

Perspectives in Art

We also continued investigating perspectives through looking at the ways abstract artists use imagery to create dream-like pictures.


Swimming Carnival

Well done to everyone! It was GREAT to see so many Year 3 and 4 students swimming for their house teams and supporting their friends! The poolside support was fantastic and all house sections looked great decorated by the creative support banners we created this week. Those of us who stayed at school loved seeing all the ribbons decorating our community as they came back to the neighbourhoods.