Italiano 2018

Ciao a tutti e bentornati a scuola!

Welcome everyone to the Italian page of the specialists blog. Here you will find out what’s happening in the neighbourhoods, what’s the focus for the Italian program and other Italian happenings.

Prep: Ciao!

For most preps this will be their first formal experience of the Italian language. Students will discover the language through interactions with puppets, the teacher and one another. They will learn to use simple greetings: ciao, buongiorno, to ask come stai? and to describe a feeling in Italian. Through songs, chants, rhymes, games, sharing texts and oral interactions they will practise and consolidate their learning.

Years 1/2: il Rock della Kappa!

The students will commence the year by reconnecting with the Italian language and in particular revisiting key language such as greetings, feelings, introducing oneself and engaging in simple interactions with one another, puppets and the teacher. They will explore the Italian alphabet, discovering that it contains 21 letters and that j,k, w, x and y don’t belong and are only used when the Italian language borrows an English word, such as il weekend. By engaging with the Italian alphabet the students will attempt to spell familiar and unfamiliar words, guided by the teacher.

Years 3-6: Pronti, via!

Throughout term one students in years 3-6 will reconnect with key language through neighbourhood interactions, language games, video texts and Languages Online experiences. They will create a guide for surviving learning Italian….making posters, short films, video tutorials, board games to list/teach key vocabulary……these resources will embed learning and support students in their language acquisition.

Coro dei Bambini:

The Coro dei Bambini is an Italian choir open to all students in years 3-6 at Princes Hill Primary School. We meet one lunchtime per week to explore traditional, popular and above all, entertaining Italian songs. The Coro experience culminates in a very special event towards the end of the year where we collaborate with our fellow Coro members at Brunswick North PS. Students from both schools come together in a workshop mentored by professional musicians and prepare for a special evening performance. This performance celebrates the joy of Italian music, culture and community and is definitely a highlight of the year!


Often parents ask how they can support their child’s Italian learning. The internet is a wonderful resource and provides opportunities for students to engage with authentic language. Consider episodes of Pocoyo or Peppa Pig in Italian. Languages Online is a Victorian Education Department website that provides access to a variety of games to build and assess learning.

The Zecchino d’oro website and Youtube channel exposes students to a world of children’s songs in Italian: a great way to learn and be immersed in the language! Students often say to me that a song is ‘stuck in their head’ which is music (pun intended!) to a language teacher’s ears!

Anne-Maree Seccull – Italian coordinator


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