On the 1st of December, I drove to Adelaide to compete in the Pacific School Games. The Track & Field Pacific School Games go from the 2nd of December – the 7th of December. Competiton in other sports were also heldĀ such as Basketball, Netball, Softball and Diving.

On the second of December we had Track Familiarisation and a practice session. This was a Saturday. The competition would only start on the Sunday.

On the 3rd of December, I competed in the 200m for the 11 girls. I was in the 2nd heat and the 2nd lane. I came about 4th-5th in my race and 13th overall. This was a surprise to me as I only trialled to get into 200m and did not actually go to State for it.

On the 4th of December, the Monday, I competed in the 100m and the 4x100m. In the 100m I came 3rd in my heat and 11th overall. I was a bit disappointed because I had just missed out on the finals. In the 4×100 I ran third, getting the baton from Jennifer and passing it to Grace. Our team came second with a time of 53.87, beating Queensland by about .5 of a second. New South Wales won the race with a crazy time of 50.40.

On the Tuesday, we had a lecture on how the heart works. On the Wednesday we had fun relays. Fun relays are where each state team has a team. A shot-put relay is where everybody throws and they add up the lengths. Same with long jump, etc. I competed in the 8×100 with the 11 year boys 4x100m relay.

Thank you for listening. Maggie S.

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