Visual Art Inspiration and Imagination

Week 6 and 7

Over the past few weeks, students have been tapping onto their imagination through the exploration of a range of approaches, skills and techniques. In week 5, they were asked to reflect on their work, and use elements of each of these explorations to design, draw and paint their own imaginary creature. This design was then used the following week to make the creature using paper clay. Here are a few designs created using black pen and water based paint.


Students were inspired by author and artist Shaun Tan and his sketchbook pages:

Using these designs, students then used paper clay to further develop their ideas for their models.

By the end of the week, the visual art studio was inhabited by over 450 small imaginary creatures – all unique and individual in every way!

The following week the students painted their creatures and then created a painting of their creature in an imaginary habitat.

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