Coro dei Bambini Spettacolo!

A big complimenti to our wonderful Coro dei Bambini for their joyful performance on Wednesday evening at the Abruzzo Club, Lygon St East Brunswick. It was a delight to see our choir of 150 students across the two schools (Princes Hill and Brunswick North) revelling in Italian popular and traditional songs. We were accompanied by I Tre Tenori who supported the students beautifully. After the singing we enjoyed a pizza supper and then there was lots of dancing, including the tarantella. This was a wonderful community event, uniting our two school choirs who have worked together for five years. A huge grazie to the coro for their joy and enthusiasm and to their families for supporting them and sharing this event with them! Thanks also to Steven, Sophie and Laura for supporting me and the students at the rehearsal and the event.

Anne-Maree Seccull

Here are some student reflections on the experience:

Poppy P: I think last night was really fun and I enjoyed spending some time with people I wouldn’t usually spend time with and I enjoyed singing the songs especially in Italian because I really like Italian and Coro dei bambini.

Harriet; Coro dei bambini was fun and it was good because everyone got to do something special and it was fun working with the other school and I got to meet new people and play with my friends that I know from that school.

Anja: I thought being in the Coro was a great experience and it taught me more about having courage to sing in front of a large group.

Mila L; I’m in grade 3 so it was my first experience being in the Coro and I thought it was great because I love singing and I love Italian and it was a great experience for me and it helped my fear because I get stage fright.

Lola: It was my first time because I’m in grade 3. I loved it, it was sooo fun and it helped me with my singing because it was near the bazaar and I want to sing at the bazaar. And it helped me learn more Italian than I could ever learn!

Juno: I really liked it because it was really fun!

Esther: I liked it because we got to sing in Italian.

Diya A: It’s very different doing it in Italian than it is in English. It has a different feel to it to know that you’re singing in a different language and you’ve worked hard for that.

Grace B: It was great because you get to do other stuff like singing in a different language.

Ava P: I loved last night because it was really fun. I loved dancing to the different songs and I also really enjoyed singing the different Italian songs. It was really fun singing in a different language.

Holly: I think that it was a really amazing experience and I definitely want to do it again. I think the tarantella dance at the end was the thing that got everyone dancing in the end and I think it was a really good idea and everyone had a good time.




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