Music, speeches, films and school bazaar.

In the coming weeks we will be focusing increasingly on the year six graduation.

This week we commenced work on selecting the year six graduation song with the help of Deborah Kayser, who as always will workshop with the children  and explore with them how the graduation song can represent their feelings about their time at Princes Hill Primary School  and their hopes for the future. We have also commenced work on a musical performance for the Hong Kong students who will be visiting our school later in November. The children are learning the fabulous Carpenter song ‘ Top of the World‘ which apparently is very popular  in Hong Kong. We are learning it in Mandarin and English which is quite a challenge but very exciting.

This week ( beginning 5/11) we will be asking everyone to pick a speech topic to research and perform for an audience in the coming weeks. We have been looking at how speeches can inform, entertain and persuade.

We have five film groups running at the moment and in the past week they have started to film after developing their scripts. We have been very proud of the talents of our students who have shown great insight into the film making process and have been thoroughly engaged in all aspects of the production of their films. Stay tuned for further developments in the coming weeks.


Louis directing our Russian spy film on identity
Eva our make- up artist

Finally thanks to all those people who have provided items for the school bazaar. It’s much appreciated. Please check with your children to see what you might send along.