Visual Art

Term 4

Inspiration and Imagination

Week 4 update:

Last week we explored a new technique to exercise our imaginative drawing skills. We embarked on an activity that exercised our imagination and ability to see. We created a series of ink stains using a straw and Indian ink. Within these, our challenge was to find a hidden creature.

“How many ‘faces’ lie hidden, waiting for the time when curious eyes will find them in their secret places. In the heart of a leaf or the bark of a tree. In a frozen pond or the turning sea. In the twist of a chair or the look of a key or the shrivelled skin of an elephant’s knee.”

Irwin Dermer

This week students used a range of Mixed Media, including gouache paint, ink, black pen and Texta colour to tease the image of the creature from the ink marks. The results were fantastic!


The Prep- year 2 students used their imaginations to find pictures in the clouds. Students were provided with colour print out pages of pictures of clouds and explored these by turning them upside down and sideways to search for familiar shapes that they could transform into imaginary creatures using black pens.

The following week, the Prep -2 students explored taking a line for a walk. Using the same principle of finding images in unexpected places, they were encouraged to randomly take a line for a walk and discover creatures within the lines they had made.




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