Division Athletics

Division Aths Report, Wednesday 10th Oct.

All of our students who qualified put in a sterling effort and achieved excellent results, against very talented competition. This must mean our students are talented too! Congratulations to each and every one of them. I hope every competitor came home feeling proud of their efforts as they all performed extremely well with plenty of first second, third and fourth finishes. Special congratulations to the following who finished either first or second to qualify for the Regional Aths. on the 18th of October. Ana B, Zoe B, Holly B, Lola C, Balam CL, Iggy GA, Georgia HN, Alet I, Vittoria R, Robbie S, Maggie S, Daniel S, and Oscar W. If successful……. it is the State Championships on the 30th of October!  Thank you, Geoff Ratcliffe.

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