Andiamo in Italia!

Ciao a tutti! Across the school the students are having fun exploring La Bella Italia. Students in prep – year 2 are learning to name famous icons and monuments, discovering that all nouns in Italian are masculine or feminine and learning to use the correct definite article. For example: la torre di Pisa, il Colosseo, il vulcano, la gondola. Through picture story books, non fiction texts, maps, videos, songs and games the students are becoming more familiar with Italy’s history, culture, landscape and way of life.

Our students in years 3-6 are focusing on how to distinguish between feminine and masculine nouns, and then how to make them plural. They have discovered that the ending of a noun is key to whether it is maschile/femminile or singolare/plurale. They are becoming ‘experts’ in a particular aspect of Italian life (soccer, fashion, geography, history, food). The students have chosen to work individually or collaboratively and have also selected an area of particular interest to them. The students will contribute to a mega Kahoot game, devising questions which reflect their learning about Italy, their grammatical discoveries and sharing their knowledge with their neighbourhoods!

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