Learning Focus (Inquiry)

While excitement is building within the 5/6 neighbourhood as we look forward to our Canberra camp next week, we are also making final preparations for our film making venture. These include the development of our four themes and the further exploration of the filmmaking process, including what is involved when making a documentary. Thank you to the parents (David and Jason) who have come in to support this.

Here are some of the provocations for Week 5:

Location, location, location

Using Google maps the students are exploring different locations around the world and incorporating them into their film scripts. In preparation for the four films the 5/6 neighbourhood will be producing, the students will now also explore possible locations within Princes Hill Primary. As part of this they will create maps showing each location and a description of each location’s use.

Design your own cinema – Maths Provocation

Linking in with our film making journey, the students are going to embark on a maths project to design a family friendly cinema. Last week the students thought about all the different aspects of maths (geometry, measurement, fractions, time etc) involved in running a cinema. This week they will begin to put all that maths into action as they commence their projects.


Last week the students participated in workshops where they analysed each of the four themes. Franklin, Alet, Eva and Nina began our mood wall by creating headings for each theme.  This week the students will begin collecting and adding ideas to the mood wall as inspiration for their films. These may be objects they find, colours, texts, sentences or quotes and images.

Science Week (14th August – 18th August)

The focus for Science Week this year is Future Earth. Students will research Australia’s energy production, where our energy comes from and its impacts. They will use this research to create signage for the neighbourhood to raise awareness and encourage reduced energy consumption.

They will also have the opportunity to investigate other ways science that contributes to our lives.

We are all looking forward to an exciting week!

The 5/6 team