Division Netball

Inter School Sports Division Netball


On Tuesday the 1st of August the A team from Netball Inter School Sports went to the division  netball finals at the Netball Stadium Banyule in Macleod. The members of our team were Bianca, Sophie, Taylor, Lacey, Ava, Greta, Alet, Lexi, Ruby and Poppy. We left straight away at 9 o’clock and it took us about 25 minutes to get there. We had to play 3 games throughout the day. We only had two halfs per game and each half lasted 10 minutes with a 2 minute break. As soon as we got to the stadium we went straight into our first game. The first team that we were played against was Richmond. We were winning in the first half and we then won the game. After the game we had 1 hour and 45 minutes until our second game. In that time we went across the road to the park  where we did some netball drills and passing.

 We then went to the playground for about 20 minutes and then went back to the netball stadium and warmed up before our second game. Our second game was against Glenroy. They were a really good team and they beat us 4-8. We then had 30 minutes until our final game. The finalm that we were playing against was Coburg. We had a good game and won. After the game we waited to see the scores and who had made it to regionals. We were disappointed to find out that we didn’t make it to regionals but we were all happy that we came in second place.  


By Poppy