Visual Art Week 3 & 4

Week 3 and 4

This week our focus was to deepen our experience of close observation of an object or series of objects and to sort and organise, re- configure and arrange the drawing or motif to create a repeating pattern.

This is one method of designing a repeating pattern based on close and detailed observations of nature.

Students took one detail from their sketch book work from last week. Some students chose to develop a new motif based on the range of natural materials on display.

The Prep – 2 students created a plain repeating pattern.



Repeating a pattern that I found in nature made me feel calm. I focussed on one thing. Kitty 2M

I was amazed by myself that I drew a close drawing from a natural object and then I drew it and made it into a pattern and I felt in my mind that I was really proud of myself. Olin 2M

I leant that I have to focus more on nature around me and then I can see nature has a lot of patterns and details. Marta 2N

The year 3-6 created a rotating repeating pattern with this one detail. Students drew and modified this detail in one grid on their practice grid on the A5 graph paper. They explored a range of options before committing to a final pattern that they then transferred and repeated on the larger grid.

The following week, when students had completed the designs, they coloured them in.



I’ve been working on an acorn drawing. I looked at it closely and created a half   mark and then I looked inside it and it looked like a plus sign and I used all these things and connected them together and my pattern was a blue sun and a green sun and it was repeated. Gabriel 1L

I have been thinking about how I can make things from nature into a pattern. I have seen new patterns and things in nature. I have learnt to be curious about plants. Eleanora 2TA

I have discovered new details on plants. Myki 2TA

I have found out that there are lots of patterns on plants. 2TA

To be an artist you can find inspiration from nature and not always just draw what is in your mind. Elsie 34 Y

This week, for my pattern work, I used a technique I explored in my mapping work last term and I used this in my pattern work today. Pearl ¾ Y

I used the leaves, the patterns in the leaves and the bones of the leaves to help me create my design. I tweaked what I saw and used them to create my pattern and design. Elly 3/4J

I was inspired by a year 5/6 designs and I used a part of one that I really liked and changed another part of it because I wanted to make it my own. I also used the colours but flipped the colours around to make them different. Belle3/4 J

I liked looking at the work from year 1, 2 and 5/6. I loved their co-ordinated patterns and use of colour. I could see how they observed nature and I linked what they drew back to the natural objects displayed in the room. Poppy ¾ J

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