Assessing our Italian learning, Kahoot style!

The students in years 3-6 have greatly enjoyed playing the online Kahoot quiz to assess their learning about families and related vocabulary. Kahoot allows them to find out what they know, and to identify their point of need. “Ghost mode” gives them the opportunity to improve on their previous score! Kahoot allows students the opportunity to work with their peers and share their Italian language knowledge. Kahoot is always a very popular element of our Italian sessions.

Here are some of the students’ reflections on Kahoot:

3/4 N 2 reflection on Kahoot as a learning tool!

It has words that you might not have heard before (Poppy)

Lots of students like to use technology to learn (Vincent)

You need to translate English to Italian

You have to look really carefully at the words (Anton)

It is fun and educational (Amory)

Kahoot is a good idea because we can learn to work together and collaborate while learning (Harriet)

I think that Kahoot is a good idea because it encourages people to work together and learn a new language (Swanee)

Kahoot’s a good learning tool and helps you get things right (Isobel, Zoe and Raveena)

It gives you fun and challenging ways to learn (Rufus)

It helps to use sentences and read them fluently in Italian (Jacob)

It helps when you get answers wrong to learn what it means (Lola)

Kahoot can help you in the future if you are going to Italy (Ren, Josh, Jacob and Louis)

Kids like to play games on their computers. Kahoot is on the computer but it is a learning tool (Vincent)

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