Year 2 Parents Sharing Their Connections to Countries

Over the past few weeks we have been fortunate enough to have some of our wonderful Year 2  parents come into our neighbourhood and share through, stories, experiences, photos and artefacts the connections they have to other countries. We are all so thankful to learn more about the different parts of the world that the families in our community are from and have spent time in.

Kate (Audrey’s mum) shared a beautiful Japanese fable about a Samurai Warrior, and spoke about her connection to Japan. Before Audrey was born she had the experience of living and working in Japan for a number of years, and also shared photos from a few years ago of her family holidaying in Japan.

Julie (Jonathan’s mum) is from the UK, and she told the class the story about living in England, why she came to Australia, and shared some interesting facts about the country with the class.

Claudia (Mila’s mum) is from Italy. She shared an Italian cookbook with the class, talking about the different types of food that are traditional in her family’s cooking, and showed students what area of Italy her family is from.

Jodie (Luca’s mum) spoke about her family connection to Italy, England and Ireland. She also told the class about a few different places that her family was connected to through relatives and friends who live in other places.

Antonija (Danny’s mum) shared stories, experiences and photos of her family connection to Croatia. Antonija shared photos of family holidays at some of the beautiful beaches and in Croatia and a video of a Croatian dance complete with traditional costumes.

Lisa (Edie’s mum) shared photos of her many connections to countries she lived in as a child growing up with a father who was a foreign correspondent. Lisa shared photos and spoke briefly about growing up in Washington DC and the celebrations and traditions she experienced. At the age of seven Lisa’s family moved to Israel. Lisa brought in an old front door key of the house she lived in. Lisa said that she found moving to a new country where she did not know the language and starting a new school challenging. Her family also moved to India and South Africa where she went tiger watching on an elephant.

Jo (Harriet’s mum) spoke about her childhood memories of living in the Philippines. She shared stories with the children about her parents taking her to the edge of a volcano and a photo of her and her brother enjoying a ride on a caribou. Jo also spoke about the history and the amazing rice fields that had been carved out of the side of a mountain.