Landmarks around the World


Research for our Country Projects is well underway, and students have been using Atlases, books from the library, and the internet to research and gather facts about places that are special to them around the world. Last week, we started to think about landmarks in our country. We first brainstormed what the word landmark meant and collectively decided that it was a famous or well known place, or a structure or building that had historical or cultural significance. During a workshop students worked in pairs to indentify, investigate, and record information about three landmarks in the country that they have chosen to research, and we came up with quite a collection. Some students wrote about and drew natural landmarks such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Niagra Falls in Canada, and Monkey Forest in Indonesia, others found out about impressively tall buildings in Singapore, famous Italian monuments like the Leaning Tower of Piza and the Coliseum, while many indentified landmarks that are closer to home – such as Flinders Street Station, the MCG, and Federation Square. Later in the week, students also had a chance to think about places that could be considered landmarks in our local neighbourhood. Students have been using equipment in the Construction Area to build some of these landmarks, and this week have started using modelling clay, cardboard and paper in the Art Studio to create models of different landmarks around the world.