Happenings | ANZAC Day, Powerful Words & Cross Country


Children explored what ANZAC day is and why we celebrate it through film, picture story books and research. Throughout the week children created posters, animations and PowerPoints to share what they had learnt. On Friday at assembly, Daniel S and Tem had their project shared to the whole school community.


Powerful Words

As we are writing descriptive pieces the children have been building a collaborative list of words which are powerful. We took a picture and identified strong nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, sharing our words on lists for us to be able to use in our own writing. Here are some of the words we came up with.


Made with Padlet


Cross Country

The division cross country was held this week and there were some great successes at the event at Princes Park. The children were very supportive of each other and excited to stand by and watch their fellow school friends come past the finish line, congratulating their efforts as they did.


Congratulations to Pippa, Ana, Daniel S, Iggy, Hugo, Louis, Daniel B and Gideon who have made it through to Division. And a special mention for Nina who won her 10 year old event.