Making music

Deb has been visiting our neighbourhood each Friday. In this time we explore different rhythms and how they can work together to create magical sounds. Here is an example of how it sounds when it all comes together.


In out construction space, we have been making designs and prototypes of tools that can help people in a natural disaster. There is a robot which will bravely go through a ring of fire to pick up an unconscious human and deliver then to safety and an app to help relocate lost animals after a natural disaster. A prototype is a manipulative model that allow you to show how something works.

Some children are creating designs for experiments they can make which demonstrate how natural disasters work. These will become prototypes of natural disasters, which demonstrate how natural disasters work.

PHPS Cinema

As we learn more about powerful people in order to understand how they acquire power, we have opened the PHPS Cinema. Each day short documentaries are being shown to demonstrate the lives of powerful people. We will also be learning about how to take notes from what we are watching and using this in our writing about people.

Elapsed time

Children have been writing elapsed time problems. Georgia and Kitty share some for you to try at home. Can you solve these problems?

By Georgia
Emily and her friends planned a girl party.  First they went to the cinema. They met at the cinema at 8:00pm. It took them 5 minutes to order the drinks and popcorn. The ads played for 10 minutes. They watched the movie. It went for 1 hour and 26 minutes. After the movie they went home to Emily’s house. It took them 15 minutes.

What time did they get home?

By Kitty
In the morning the milkman delivers milk to three houses in the neighbourhood. It takes 10 minutes to get to the first house, and 5 minutes to get to the next house from there. The third house takes 15 minutes to get to from the second house, but at all the houses it takes 5 minutes to deliver the milk. After delivering milk in the neighbourhood, the milkman decided to go out of town to deliver milk to the mayor. It took 30 minutes to get to the mayor’s house, and 10 minutes to deliver. After that he went home, which took half an hour.

How long did the milkman spend in the neighbourhood?

Next week, we’ll share some elapsed time problems involving intercontinental travel, dragons and the future!


We have been exploring free verse and using figurative language to create poetry.

Fish Swimming in the sea

Children splashing in the shallows

Adults talking chitter chatter


Siren goes

Whistle blows

A shark seen by the east

A shark

Screaming shouting



Parents panic

Children run

Towels scattered

No more fun

Another day comes and goes

What happened no one knows

The beach

By Sunday Clare