Learning Focus | Week 8

Today is International Poetry Day and across the school we are celebrating all things poetry. We will continue to explore how poetry is all around us and understanding the different language devices we can use to create imagery in a poem.

We have started to explore the difference between free verse poems and those with more structure such as Haiku. We will be publishing our own poems this week and examine some of the devices we can use such as personification and metaphors.

In maths, we continue our exploration of time. Our students have already written some excellent elapsed time problems. Composing problems is an excellent way to show that you have fully understood an aspect of maths. It also offers the opportunity for students to express their amazing creativity. There will also be a focus on converting between 24 hour time and 12 hour time and digital and analogue time. When problem solving the students will focus on solving problems using fractions and the four operations.

In exploring the differences in cultures to better understand how people acquire power, the children are collecting data to display in charts about different countries. Laurie has shared a wonderful website, that shows the comparisons of statistics from different countries.

As we explore the power of nature we considering if natural disasters have both positive and negative impacts. Some children have started to consider how positive effects are often for nature and negative impacts are often on humans.