Learning Focus

Grade 5 Buddy Program Assembly Presentation

This week’s assembly showcased the wonderful and collaborative work of the Year 5 and Prep Buddy Program. In response to the 2016 Science Week theme, ‘Drones, Droids and Robots,’ the Year 5 students planned a series of workshops to explore robots.Working in collaboration with their teachers, the year five students use Monday afternoon to first plan how they will support the preps through three rotations.

Then, on Tuesday afternoons we all met up… In the prep art and construction space, they designed and constructed a robot costume using cardboard and recycled objects. In the prep performance space, they used hand signals and gestures to develop a code that programmed their robot to follow commands. In the 5/6 workshop space, they designed and created an instruction manual, explaining how to operate the robot. 

The students worked with the preps to then present this collaborative project to the rest of the school at assembly today. Didn’t the robot costumes look fantastic?!!

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