Year 1 Excursion

On Monday 5 September the Year 1 Neighbourhood will be going on an excursion to CERES Environment Park. The visit to the park will compliment our current inquiry of Systems, as we begin to look towards the natural world system such as plants  It is a whole day excursion from 10 am to 2:30 pm. A permission note will be sent home ASAP, but here are some details to get your started.

At CERES, we will be participating in the following workshops:

Where Our Food Comes From  Visit the farm & feed the chickens.  Explore different food products and learn which animal they come from.  Experience our CERES Organic farm through a sensory exploration.
Worms and Minibeasts:  Investigate the CERES worm farm.  Handle a real worm and learn about its role in the composting cycle.  Hunt for mini-beasts and learn about food webs and their importance for a healthy environment.
Plant a Seed:  Discover the life-cycle of a seed. Feel a variety of seeds on our touch table.  Match seeds to the mature plants found in the surrounding garden.  Plant a seed to take home.  Learn the parts of a plant.
Netting for Water Bugs: Enjoy a hands-on experience of netting and discover the creatures living in our waterways.  Identify the aquatic organisms caught and find out how they indicate water health.  Consider the role of aquatic organisms in maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems.  Determine the health of the tested waterway based on what was found during the activity.


We will require parent helpers to make this excursion possible. When you receive the permission note, please let us know if you can help.

Stay tuned for more details!