Learning Focus


This week in numeracy we continued with Cat and Mouse. Many of our students have designed fantastic boards of their own, which we will both display in the neighbourhood and send to the junior school to be tested.

To finish our exploration of chance and probability, we designed and tested bags! Here is the premise we gave the students. They were shown a probability line (ranging from 0-1) with a line where 1/4 would be. Their job was to design a bag containing 12 tiles with a 1/4 chance of drawing a tile of the colour of their choice. Then they tested their bags 100 times and analysed any differences between the expected outcome and the 100 trials.

The hands-on experiences the students have had this term with chance and probability via ADDO, Cat and Mouse and Design and Test a Bag have been highly engaging for the whole neighbourhood.

Next week, the Olympic Games will feature in our numeracy lessons.