As part of National Book Week and to help raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to buy books for remote indigenous communities who don’t have access to books we’re holding a Great Big Book Swap.

There are schools involved all across Australia and the target is $100,000 to buy 10,000 books.

If every child can please bring a book to school that they love but no longer want and a gold coin donation, then they can be part of the book swap. By donating a gold coin, they can then swap their book for a new book that someone else has donated.

So we can all raise money for a very important cause and have a terrific new book to take home. Check out the website for more information:

When? Wednesday August 24

Where? The gym

Time? Lunchtime

What you need to do: Bring your (good) book you want to swap to the gym before school on Wednesday August 24 and you’ll get a ticket. Bring the ticket and your gold coin at lunch time and get a new book.

Can I swap as many books as I like? Yes. But you need a gold coin per book!

What sort of books should I donate? Bring in books that are the same age as the books you want to take home. Otherwise we end up with lots books nobody wants!!!