Here are some videos and photos of last week’s session. It certainly is an experience that the children look forward to each week. Kofi introduced us to an instrument that can be made at home using a bucket, string and pipe.

Kofi is showing us the BRAND NEW DRUMS! Blue group were the first group to play them. They have been made especially for Prep sized children.

We have been practicing drumming in time with Kofi’s beat and have been working with Deb to create a song of our own.

Here is one of the drumming patterns we are learning:

“1, 2 , 3, 4!” (tapping left leg, raising right hand in air)

“1, 2, 3, 4!” (tapping right leg, raising left hand in air)

“1, 2!” (tapping left leg, raising right hand in air) “1, 2!” (tapping right leg, raising left hand in air)

(Tap both hands quickly on legs for count of 4)


Here is a video of Blue group enjoying the beat of Kofi’s glockenspiel. 

Sadly due to NAPLAN testing, the whole school do not have African drumming this week. We eagerly await our next session with Kofi.