Mathematics project and provocation workshops
Projects and provocations
Handwriting / guided reading / modelled writing
Specialist class: Green group – Visual Art
Yoga and Library
Projects and Provocations
Shared reading & letter study / Letter study & handwriting / guided reading
Specialist classes:
  • Blue Group: Phys Ed
  • Green Group: Italian
  • Red Group: Art

Mathematics project

Buddy time – The buddies and Preps will be sharing information that they have discovered about their bugs. (Some Preps will visit the 5/6 Neighbourhood for this!)


Specialist classes:

  • Blue Group: Visual Art, Italian
  • Green Group: Phys Ed, Visual Art
  • Red Group: Italian, Phys Ed

Mathematics workshops and project time

Happiness Presentations

THURSDAY (Reader’s Notebooks come into school today)

Projects and provocations

Letter Study / Shared reading & letter study / guided reading

Wellbeing and Writing

Guided reading and literacy provocations

Modelled writing / Handwriting / Guided reading


Wellbeing and Library

Mathematics projects / Scientific drawing book cover / Portfolio

Assembly (3.00 – 3.25 in the Gymnasium)