School values

At Princes Hill Primary School, there are 2 core values:

  1. We all have the right to learn at school
  2. We all have the right to feel safe at school

We have been having regular discussions with the Preps about what these statements mean and how the values support our learning community. Some ideas that came up during our discussion are listed below.

‘We move and play safely’

In the learning spaces, the expectation is to move calmly and safely. njuries can occur when children are racing around the neighbourhood. We encourage calm movement in our learning spaces and remind the children that they can enjoy running around outside during lunch and recess. When playing games at lunch time and recess, the Preps must make sure their friends are having a good time. Any behaviour that can hurt should never be done to our peers. School is place where all members of the community should all look forward to coming. I

‘We do our best and help others to do their best’

As a neighbourhood, it is important that all students try hard to minimise distractions from friends and always try to positively influencing their peers. We have encouraging the Preps to make simple, positive choices that support their learning – for example: moving away from a friend who may be distracting them and remembering to store toys away in lockers during learning time.